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Eye Injuries

You need your eyes to see and function. Many people consider an eye injury to be among the most frightening injuries possible. Even a small scrape can lead to severe pain and the potential loss of vision. When you seek medical attention for an eye injury, you should have an accurate and timely diagnosis. Sometimes a medical professional misses the diagnosis and fails to timely treat or, worse, makes the wrong diagnosis and provides the wrong treatment.If you or a loved one is a victim of medical malpractice, we encourage you to seek experienced legal counsel immediately. At Bill Faison Attorney, PLLC, we dedicate a significant portion of the firm’s resources toward guiding injured clients through the legal process of monetary recovery. While medical malpractice cases are typically complex, we have built a network of trusted experts whom we can rely upon for valuable insight and professional opinions regarding your injury, what your doctor should have done and the future challenges you might face due to your condition. Contact our firm to discuss your unique situation in greater detail.

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