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The mediation program in North Carolina has been a great success. Most cases now settle, avoiding the risks and uncertainties of trial for all sides. Bill Faison has recovered more than $200 million for his clients. Some recoveries have been through trials. Most have been through negotiation at mediation or because of mediation. Put Bill Faison’s winning negotiation skills to work for your clients. Call and schedule him for your mediation.

With more than 40 years of experience in a wide range of practice areas, founding attorney Bill Faison has the negotiating skills and the insight of a winning trial lawyer to help you resolve a case without the risks and costs of trial.

There are numerous advantages to seeking conflict resolution through mediation. As a certified mediator, Bill Faison can provide the valuable insight to help you resolve even the most challenging disputes. Put his experience, negotiating skills, legal knowledge and ability to work for you and your client.

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